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Welcome to kitedrive. Using kitedrive you can store, sync and share files securely, anytime, anywhere. Whether you are working on your desktop in the office or on an iPad at the airport, kitedrive is your secure connection to critical business files.

  • Accessing kitedrive
    Access kitedrive from any computer by going to Once you log-in you will be able to store and send files easily. You can also download the Accellion mobile app for your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry device and login using as the sign in url.
  • Storing Files
    To store important documents, spreadsheets, images, movies or any type of businesss file on kitedrive you will need to log-in. After you log-in you can add important files to kitedrive by clicking on the Add button to choose files and folders to upload into your kitedrive. Anything loaded into kitedrive can be accessed by you from any computer or device. You can also securely send files inside kitedrive to others.
  • Synchronizing Files
    To synchronize files between your PC desktop or laptop and kitedrive you must first download the Setupkitedrive installer from the Help-Center Workspace. After you install kitedrive on your PC you can sign in and synchronize. Everything you put into your kitedrive folder will automatically and continuously be synchronized with the cloud. Mac installer is coming soon!
  • Sending Files
    To send a file to someone, select the files you wish to send and click the Send button. You will be given the opportunity to add an email message. Once you have composed your email, click the Send button. Your email will be sent along with a secure link to the file. You will receive a notification email when your file is downloaded.
  • How big a file can I store/share?
    Using kitedrive you can store and send any size file and any number of files up to your storage limit.

If you have any questions regarding kitedrive offerings, please contact us at

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